Proudly Raising Purebred Nigerian Dwarf & Mini-SaManchan Goats

We raise Nigerian Dwarf goats, a miniature goat originally imported to North America from West Africa as zoo stock. They range from 18” to 24” at the shoulder and average 55-75lbs. Though they are very beautiful, with their colourful coats, sweet faces, and miniature size, Nigerians are not just a novelty. They are wonderful pets and diary goats in their own right. Their smaller size and gentle temperament makes for ease of handling. Nigerians can be kept happily on a smaller property and their needs are modest. They can also be wonderful milkers! A healthy Nigerian doe can produce up to 2 quarts per day of rich sweet milk that is higher in both protein and butterfat (6-10%) than most dairy goat breeds. However, the most wonderful thing about this rare breed is their calm, gentle and playful temperament, which makes Nigies such wonderful pets; some people say “think dogs with hooves” and we agree!

We have also been developing an experimental 3 way cross, the Mini SaManchan. We wanted to keep the higher cream ratio, manageable smaller size and sweet temperament of the Nigerian Dwarf while improving on the breed from a dairy perspective. So we have selectively bred to add just a touch of LaMancha and Saanen genes (both renowned dairy breeds). Few breeds can touch the Swiss Saanen, one of the largest dairy breeds, for sheer volume of milk production. Saanens are known as vigorous, lively and curious. The LaMancha, developed in North America in the early 20th century, is known as the “winter milker”, continuing to produce in harsher weather when many breeds dry up. LaManchas have a lovely gentle temperament, though perhaps somewhat cooler and more self contained than the attention loving Nigerian. So far, this cross seems to hold great promise! The size is wonderful; still mini and manageable, but longer in the leg for ease of milking, just a little larger in the body and with improved udder capacity. The “elf ears” of the LaMancha with the many coloured coat of the Nigerian makes for a lovely animal with a wonderful intelligent and gentle manner; that Nigie sweetness must be a dominant gene!

In all our goats, our breeding priorities are temperament, milking qualities, health, vigour, and beautiful coats and form. (See more about this in our “Practices” page) Although showing is not our priority, our foundation goats bring excellent heritage and show quality genes to our herd. Miniature goats are a wonderful addition to any farm or family. Super milkers, friendly with people and a wide range of other animals, easy to manage! Mini goats are ideal animals for children who have become interested in agriculture, are members of 4H, or have just fallen in love with these delightful creatures. Adding miniature goats to your family will add much joy and fun, and inspire a character-building sense of responsibility as you learn to care together for these entrancing animals.

Goat kid head shotGoat kid looking out from a hollow stumpGoat kid head closeup